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Adult Button quail are available for sale and shipped by USPS

Right to your local Post office!

Button Quail, also known as the Chinese Painted Quail, are the smallest members of the quail family. We have specialized in them for over 45 years.

Send me an email to arrange purchases and shipment.

Your zip code will be needed to determine accurate shipping cost.


$20 PER PAIR (unless other wise indicated on price list)

  Minimum shipped -  2 pair

No single females offered for sale,
Male/female pairs only

Express mail shipping is available

Postage cost depends on your distance from Franklin, Louisiana, the further you are the higher the shipping cost.
An average cost is around $45-$60
depending on your distance from Louisiana. nearby states lower shipping, west coast and far northern states higher cost. 


Buyers must agree to accept ALL risk on TWO day deliveries
. Delivery time also is determined by your distance from me.
There is NO WAY to insure a one day
delivery time regardless of where you live.


NORMAL WILD TYPE . The original wild color, Hens is dark camouflage brown, males is black with very colorful markings! NONE FOR SALE

SILVER The first mutation, a nice silver gray. Male with facial marks, female all silver-gray.

WHITE Completely White button quail, imported from Europe. They are not albinos, and have dark eyes, bright yellow beaks and legs. They are easy to sex, males are smaller and slimmer when compared to the females.

TUXEDO BUTTON QUAIL $30 PER PAIR  the newest variety of Button quail to arrive in the US from the UK and Europe. As the name implies, these birds are dark above and white below, about 50/50 in color and they can come in any variety of button quail but are most striking in the darker colors. $30 PER PAIR 

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Complete guide book on Button Quail is available Click here for more info.

Recognize Varieties of Button quail, correct & illegitmate names

Identification Guide to Button Quail Chicks