The Care, Breeding, and Genetics of

The Button Quail


Garrie P. Landry

with the Assistance of

Chris Rogers

1977 Poule d'eau Publishing

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This is the first book ever written that covers the mutations and genetics of the Button Quail. The first portion in this book reflects methods I have used to breed and raised Button Quail. There are many others who do it differently and there is nothing wrong with a different method if it works. The section on genetics of the Button Quail is completely based on my own observations of breeding and combining these new mutations during the last 10 years. It is not information I obtained elsewhere, but rather discoveries I made trying to understand the breeding behavior of these various new colors. Detail descriptions of all of the varieties and combinations are given, as well as pertinent information on how to breed the various colors in order to produce these varieties. There are several plates of colors photos of adult birds, one plate of photos of chicks, as well as several colorful genetic charts (as shown below) show you exactly how to cross the varieties and the expected results from crosses. If you are interested in Button Quail, I am certain you will find this book invaluable for many years to come. The book is only available from the author. The cost is $19.95 plus shipping. Foreign orders are welcome, however please include payment in US funds and include and additional $10.00 for mailing. You may order this book directly from the author by writing to me below or you may order on line and pay with pay pal by clicking the buy it now button below!






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Mutations of the Button Quail

Cinnamon - Golden Pearl - Blue Face - Red Breasted