What's its Name?

With the advent of new varieties of button quail that arrived from Europe in 1991, a large variety of names have been used by many breeders in an attempt to identify these various mutations. This has happened to such an extent that now many different names can be found in the literature and on internet web sights, so as to confuse the true identity of some of the mutations. Prior to 1987, there were only 2 varieties of Button Quail available in the US, the normal Wild Type and the Silver. In 1987 the Red Breasted mutation was discovered and established by me. With the exception of the White Button quail imported by Cecial Gunby of GA prior to 1991, all other color varieties found in the US after that date were imported by Acadiana Aviaries, Garrie Landry, in the fall of 1991. Below you will fine a list of Button Quail mutations, their correct names and below that name other names that I have found which breeders are currently using often to suggest or designate something new or different.

Recognized mutations of the Button Quail in the US

All other names used represent either combinations of these above colors to create a new variety or an illegitimate name used by others to designate something unique or different or incorrectly identified.

Recognized Legitimate Names for Combinations of the above varieties


Illegitimate and/or unrecognized names of Button Quail colors (this list below represents names that either are used for particular selections within a color variety or names that were used those who failed to recognize the true identity of the variety or thought it was something new and different enough to warrant a distinct name)


This list is by no means final, as new names are always appearing.

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