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Diamond Dove Color Varieties

Diamond doves are small birds roughly the same size as a budgie, and they are easily kept and bred in small individual cages or walk-in flights. Their diet is a mixture of finch or parakeet seed and Gamebird Crumbles. I also provided egg food when they are breeding. Within recent years a number of diamond dove mutations have appeared, and I have made a special effort to acquire these as they have become available. Some of them are very rare and have been imported from England and Europe.

The list below describes them and information on the genetics of these mutations. See shipping information sheet for details on ordering! There is no minimum order. This is a new price list with several new varieties listed a never before offered. Some of these new colors are unique, some striking and some subtle in their differences. I personally look for the unusual in breeding diamonds and selectively breed for these unique new colors. I cannot take credit for the names given them. Most were bred first by foreign dove breeders and then imported into the US and Canada.


I  have a limited supply of rare diamond doves in spring and summer, ususally sold out of rarest ones by fall months. Please contact me months in advance for any specific color varieties that you might want




GREY or BLUE or WILD TYPE $100/pair Original Wild-type, a blue-grey bird, dominant to most other color varieties. Grey and Blue Diamonds are two names for the same bird.

SILVER $120 The first color mutation, a pale, dull light grey "silver grey" color, recessive to the wild type. Very attractive.

CINNAMON $100 This mutation was first called Rufous diamond. It is a very distinctive mutation, varying from cinnamon-brown to rusty-red all over the upper body. The flight and tail feathers pale grey with no black pigment, which makes even the darkest cinnamons easy to distinguish. The most attractive cinnamons are light colored birds. Young birds are very pale, with rich cinnamon-red color above.As they mature, the adults assume a body color which retains vivid rust pigmentation on back and wings. It is recessive.

CINNAMON WHITETAILS $120 VERY FEW The Cinnamon Whitetail is an attractive combination, It resembles Blue Whitetails, These birds show very little cinnamon color, but they have very attractive wing coloration which identifies them as Cinnamons.

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