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TUXEDO BUTTON QUAIL the newest variety to come from Europe, colored above and white below, they are very attractive (more adults) and easy to breed, The chicks are beautiful Tuxedo eggs can be special ordered.  Adult pairs are $30 PER PAIR  not available at lower prices.

CINNAMON or FAWNImported from England The Cinnamon Buttons are pale beige to reddish tan. Cocks are dilute red-brown, the face, breast and lower parts are brightly colored. Cinnamon males are similar to Fawn males, but hens are different. The Fawn mutation is probably the same as thecinnamon, but darker and less colorful . Hens are earth brown and grey, the males are dark brown to steel grey and otherwise retain similar markings to normal males. The Fawn chicks are abright yellow with orange stripes. PRICE reflects the color quality of individual pairs.

BLUE FACE (Single). "single factor"The Blue Faced mutation is newfrom England From a distance these birds often appear nearly black. The Males breast, belly, face and forehead are slate-blue. The blue color completely eliminates all the white facial markings in males. Female Blue Faced are dark red-brown or simply brown with some striations on the feathers. The newly hatched chicks are very dark reddish- brown. The beak is black and legs and feet are dark yellow-green.

BLUE FACE (Double) "Double Factor"The Blue-Faced Double factor has 2 genes for the color, a double dose. The chicks hatch our with BLACK down and have some white on the face and wings. At maturity the hens are darker than the single factor birds, there is no difference in the appearance of the males.

GOLDEN PEARL This is the newest mutation out of Europe. Golden Pearl hens have lost the darkpigment, each feather is straw yellow, with light brown barring. The crown is bright golden yellow. Pearl males resemble normals, the difference is straw coloring on the head, nape, back and rump. Golden Pearls resemble the Manchurian Golden variety of the Coturnix Quail.

SLATE  BEAUTIFUL DARK GREYSlates are dark slate-grey all over, very different from silver, with no facial markings on the cocks. Both sexes are darker than silver with a slate blue-grey breast, and face, and aslategrey back. Slate is a combination of Blue-faced and Silver

SILVER RED BREASTED This mutation can be produced in the silver color as well as normal. The These hens are ivory-white with dark silver barring from head to tail. The males are dark silver in appearance with a grey face, no white markings present, and a Lightrose-pinkfrom throat to vent.

SILVER PEARL The True Silver Pearl !!This combination is much more attractive than regular Silver. They have ivory coloredpearlmarkings on each feather, laced of silver grey, the body feathers are boldly marked with ivory/ white and edged with grey.

IVORY , IVORY PEARL, IVORY RED BREASTED   NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME The birds are very pale silvery -white all over with no blue-grey as is found in regular silvers, They are a combination of Cinnamon X Silver.

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