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BLUE WHITE TAIL$100 (price depends on quality of color "White rumps" are cheaper!)First thought to be a pied diamond, then later renamed. This European mutation has an entirely WHITE lower back, rump and tail. In addition to this, the body color of the Blue is completely different from that of regular grey diamonds. Often some specimens show large triangular wing dots 3X normal size. These are also called Laced White tails since the wing spots give a laced appearance. The White Tail mutation is dominant.

SILVER WHITE TAIL $150  (best paired to silver or to silver whitetail) The White Tail X Silver mutation is perhaps one of the most attractive color varieties. It often appears to be completely white, much brighter than brilliants. The head and Breast are white; shoulders and back show some light silver color; lower back, rump and tail are bright white.

PEARL WHITE TAIL $150 Also called Laced White Tail can occur in any color variety, blue, silver or brilliant. They are exceptionally attractive. The large conspicuous, white, triangular wing markings give the bird a very distinctive PEARLY APPEARANCE. I produce a few regularly in Blue and Silver; rarely in Brilliant. These diamonds are among the most striking of all white tails.

YELLOW DIAMOND AND PEACH DIAMONDS $150 The Yellow is a new color variety imported from Europe. It is not a canary yellow. The back, wings and tail are Beige. Females are often a lighter and brighter cream than males, but both sexes show extensive cream on head, wings, back, rump and tail. It is a recessive mutation and breeds true to color.

YELLOW WHITE TAIL and SNOW WHITE PRODUCERS $150 (For best results pair these to solid yellows diamonds or silver white tails to make more Snow Whites. )The Yellow whitetail is an unusual combination I have been working on for many years. While some may not have completely white tails and do not show much yellow, these doves certainly are one of the most attractive of all diamond doves. Many are so light they appear nearly white. The females are often the nicest colored and many are white. They are absolutely beautiful birds.

SNOW WHITE $200 each VERY RARELY AVAILABLE This is to my knowledge the only white diamond ever produced with any regularity. It is not a distinct mutation, but rather it is a combination of silver white tail , yellow whitetail, all on one bird. It takes at least 2 generations to produce.It is slow and time consuming to produce Snow- Whites.

OCHRE DIAMOND  NOT AVAILABLE A Combination of yellow and cinnamon! Ochre (pronounced "Oak-er") meaning burnt orange, have a deeper beige color tinged with rust on the back and rump, the wing tips are dark red. Ochres are distinct from yellows.

PIED DIAMOND Blue White Tail Pieds $175-300 PER PAIR BEAUTIFUL COLOR  Price reflects the quality of the pied - The White Tail birds are true pieds and can be unbelievably beautiful, In the Grey Pieds white areas are restricted to the head, neck and breast. Not on the back. But in the White Tail Pieds the birds are PIED ALL OVER!! Slow to color up but well worth the wait!!

RED DIAMONDS $150 This diamond is bright rust red with light silvery body,Males show red only on the back and shoulders are a light silver grey. Hens are nearly all rusty red, with very light under grey color, these are rare and I produce only a few hens that are perfectly marked. They are spectacular.

"ULTIMATE" RED DIAMOND DOVE $150 This totally new selection of Red Diamond is the extreme or "ultimate" color that can be attained in reds. The birds are virtually an immaculate white with flecks or rust red onthe back and shoulders. Hens have more color than males, some males are totally white. Both sexes have blood red primary with feathers. They are unbelievably beautiful. This selection required over 6 years of selective breeding of the original reds. IT DOES breed completely true. Some are expected for sale throughout the year but they sell very fast, best to be on the waiting list.

BRILLIANT DIAMOND$125 EACH $250 per pair
Brilliant White tails (near sold white)  $300 per pair
This color has been often called white, but brilliants are not completely white, most are white when young but develop some grey cast when older. They are however, nearly white and much more brilliant than silvers. It is truly the only almost white breed. Brilliant White tails are even whiter and from a distance of only 2-3 feet away appear SOLID WHITE.  Brilliant is recessive.

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