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Celebes Yellow Breasted (Suwalesi Quail) Dove NO LONGER KEEP THESE. A very large dove, larger than a Bleeding Heart dove, with a bright yellow forehead and breast patch. Related to Bleeding heart doves. Very attractive, stunning bird to watch. Can be kept with small doves but cannot be kept with any other large dove. Lays a single brown egg per clutch. Easy to Breed.

Mountain Witch NO LONGER AVAILABLE A large dove with fantastic colors, metallic purple back, bronze breast, grey head, bright red eyes, black rump and tail and rusty red underneath. They have an unusual walking habit of bobbing the tail up and down as they walk. Very gentle and tame bird.

European Stock Doves  I personally imported some from Holland and they are doing very well, raising lots of young.  $175 each or $400 per pair.

Luzon Bleeding Heart $750 pair Single females $400! thats how long the waiting list often extends.This bird is not white as so many people expect. There is no all white bleeding heart dove! That is a fact. They are grey-blue and have a white throat and breast with a bright blood red diamond shaped patch in the center of the breast which does look like a bleeding wound. They are not difficult to breed, but slow to mature and often show no interest in breeding until they are 2 years old. They live for many many years. Should not be kept with other large doves.

Bartletts Bleeding Heart $450 each This is by far the most beautiful dove I have ever kept. The colors are absolutely exquisite. They are not as easy to breed as Luzons but once established they can breed regularly producing chick after chick. Several of my pairs are very reluctant to raise their own young. Some wont even incubate their single egg. Yep thats right they only lay one egg per clutch. I have fostered many under Luzon Bleeding hearts and also under Ringneck doves. I have a good breeding program with these but I don't sell them often and I wont sell them to just anyone, so if you are seriously interested in these, send me an email telling me so and plan to wait a while as it may take several months or more to get a male and female ready for sale. Email me for more information.

Zebra Dove $150 per pair I usually have some to offer in fall months (Sept - Nov.) . This is a small sandy colored dove with black scaling, zebra stripes on the neck and a salmon pink breast. It has the most melodious, flute like coo of any dove. One of the most desirable of all small doves! Gentle and easy to breed, excellent for beginners and especially well in an aviary. Will breed in small cages, provided they have lots of privace and no disturbances. Fairly hardy in dove except in extreme northern climates. Tolerates temps in the mid 20sF for short periods.

Senegal Turtle Doves $50 each for young birds $150 for adult pairs per pair very easy to breed, not so easy to sex. I have a colony of about 40 of these and they breed year round.


Nuremberg Lark Pigeons, $50 per pair. $25 each this is my favorite breed of all pigeons, I have kept a colony of these since the mid 1980s and I just love the color and appearance of this bird. They are a small to medium size breed, and very good breeders

Egyptian swift Pigeons short legs, long body and wings, high flyers, superb breeders   SEE BELOW

Rehani Egyptian Swift Pigeons  $60 per pair or $20 each for young birds
Asphar (Yellow) Egyptian Swift  $150 per pair

 A very nice very prolific large pigeon, long wings and tail, short legs and beak.  Very dimorphic sexes, males light females darker, bred for high flying.  Blue Velvet is the color variety I breed.


Black White bar and Check Pattern Starlings $20 ea young birds



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