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SILVER SELF SOCIETY (Clearwing Chestnut) $30 each - (My Favorite Society!) SUCH A FINE BIRD! These SPECIAL selfs are lighter in color than other selfs. They have a very pale silvery/manilla folder color, it is awesome. They are my favorite of all dilute selfs. Plus are currently the rarest and in my opinon the most attractive of any dilute Self Societies in the US.

Grey Silver Self (Grey Clearwing Chestnut) Very nice ALUMINUM grey bird with nearly white wings. Beautiful in my opinion. $35

RARE SOCIETIES BELOW SELL BEFORE THEY ARE AVAILABLE AND OFTEN MUST BE RESERVED MONTHS IN ADVANCE. I will no longer put any prices on them on line, if you are interested email me or call me for current information.

CLEARWING SELF FAWNS** starting $25 each - up to $75 each for really well marked LARGE ones. The Self Clearwings are available in Fawn. They are a dilute pinkish fawn with clear near white wings and tails. Extremely attractive birds and quite rare. Sometimes slow to breed but once they start they are very productive. (**PHOTO link is of Euro Clearwing, Americans are much lighter)

GREYS SELF SOCIETY Such as Fawn Greys , Chestnut Grey, and Chocolate Grey $35 each, Splits for grey are $15 per bird (These are JAPANESE fawn or chestnut or Chocolate self Greys and split for grey, not Euroepan birds)

CREAM INO SOCIETY SORRY NEVER MANY AVAILABLE $50 each The Cream Ino Society is not a fawn bird but rather a chocolate bird with the ino gene, which renders it a soft cream/pink color. They are exceptionally attractive society, with bright ruby red eyes. Ino is a sex-linked gene so it can be easier to sex these society finches. The pairs that I can offer are Ino hens and split to ino Chocolate self males. Ino is very rare in the US and I know of not a sinlge other breeder currently producing many Inos. I have 4 pair that are in production and can offer unrelated stock as they come available. Split Inos if sold alone cost $25 each. Inos hens $60 each. Ino Males $75 each when available

JAPANESE PEARL SOCIETY $25 up to $45each, depending on color quailty; Japanese Pearl Societies, perhaps the rarest new color variety of society in the World. I am producing a number of very nice Pearls. Call first to see what is available. Price difference reflects markings and size of individual birds.

ALBINO SOCIETY NONE FOR SALE The Albino society is an all white, ruby red eyed society finche, these are descened from newly imported stock from Japan. Very nice, large birds. Brilliant plumage, immaculately white. Sorry no longer producing any albinos

EUROPEAN SOCIETY BLACK BROWN & BLACK GREY call for more info, might have some in fall months

EUROPEAN SOCIETY RED-BROWN . call for more info, might have some in fall months

JAPANESE FRILL SOCIETY - $90 each for Chiyoda Frills,

Very interesting bird, but not easy to produce good ones, the Frill is quite variable. so perfect ones are few and command top price. A very rare society finch in the US, very few breeders are working with them. ( Some nice ones but very few for sale until production increases ), Chunagon (neck Frill ) Chiyoda (Chest frill) and Dianagon (Chest and neck Frills) I am finally producing some very nice Japanese Frills, Neck frills they are so ugly and really are very cute!! Seriously I have grown to like them a lot, not at first but now I do. :) They are very interesting birds, with swirls of feathers on the upper breast or a collar of feathers around the neck. Frills are domiant to plain birds PLUS never mate two frills, always pair a Frill to a plain for best results. SO YOU ONLY NEED ONE! LINKS ABOVE ARE AT MY FRIEND MICHAELS WEB SITE, HE NO LONGER HAS FRILLS BUT HAS SOME INTERESTING INFO ON THEM






Finch Nesting Grass , Coco Fiber &

Cisal Fiber Great For Society Finches

Click here for more info on these products


Soft Plastic Finch Leg Bands

$9.50 per 100 bands includes shipping

These soft plastic leg bands I make on demand and I use them for all of my finches. They are quite suitable for finches the size of zebras, societies, or any medium to large finch. They are NOT suitable for baby finches, small exotic finches nor parakeets or diamond doves. The bands are soft and pliable, so they are easy to remove by hand if there is a problem. I have used them for years and really like them.

They are only available as a mixture of colors in Red, Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange Yellow and two shades of Blue. Sold only as a mixture, no single colors, IN LOTS OF 100 BANDS (each lot will contain all of the colors listed above.)


Send all orders to:

Garrie P. Landry

2512 Chatsworth Road

Franklin, Louisiana 70538

or Purchase them now with Pay pal



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