Self Chocolate Society

Self Societies are birds of solid color with no white markings. Selfs are found in three basic colors Chocolate, Chestnut and Fawn, and combination with other mutations such as Clearwing and Dilutes. Without a doubt this The Chocolate Self is one of the most desirable and sought after Society Finches. These Self Societies have the general appearance of a wild Lonchura species. Imperfect Selfs are birds which show an occasional white feather or patch. often on the chin. Many breeders attest to their ability superior ability as foster parents, when compared to Pied Societies. Self Societies are my favorite variety, I even have Crested Selfs.




Self Chestnut Society

The Chestnut Society is a distinct color variety, that has earth brown tones. It is higly variable and generally even nest mates vary considerably in their depth of color. The front bird is an exceptionally dark Chestnut Self, the rear bird is a Chocolate Self.






Black Brown Society

This exceptionally dark version of the Chocolate Self was developed in Europe. Despite the fact they the color is due to hybridization with a dark wild relative, these birds are highly prized by exhibitors for the dark color and bold scaling on the belly.





Bengalese Finches - Society Finches

Mutations currently being Bred in England

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