Diultes are some of the rarest of Self Societies in the US. Dilute Pieds are found more often in collections than Selfs, but even the Pieds are not common. Nevertheless, the true beauty of a dilute is best appreciated if seen on a Self bird and not a Pied. The Self Dilutes are naturally lighter in color than the regular Selfs and all three varieties, Chocolate, Chestnut and Fawns can be produced as Dilutes. Dilute Chocolate is a very subtle lighter shade of dark chocolate, and most are readily distinguishable from typical Chocolate Selfs. Dilute Chestnuts (featured on this page) are also called "SILVER SOCIETIES" they are my favorite, they are very pale when compared to regular Chestnut Selfs but this dilute can be quite variable from beautiful light shades (below) to much darker earthy brown shades. Dilute Fawn Selfs are the lightest in color, a soft light cream with a little residue of cinnamon. The Dilute factor is a recessive trait. It is very easy to breed. I have a number of pairs of Dilute Selfs that produce 4,5 and 6 young per nest on a regular basis.




This is my favorite color of Society Finch!



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