The true Albino Society is now in the US, in part due to an importation friends and I did from Japan. Prior to that time no true Albinos were available in this country. The Albino is not simply a red eyed white society finch. Red eyed whites have been know for some time in the US and most are responsible for the blindness associated with "White" Societies. Common Whites are in fact pieds that do not show spots. The true Albino is a totally different mutation and completely distinct from the typical US White Society Finch. One look at a true Albino and you'll know what I mean. They are brilliant white, and illuminating ruby red eyes, and they DON'T go blind. Their eye sight is impaired as one would expect for all Albinos, but they do not develop cataracts that typifies the Red eyed Whites. The Albino is a recessive trait, and both parents must carry the gene to produce Albino chicks. It is recommended that Albinos be bred to splits for Albino and not to mate two Albinos. They breed well and are quite robust birds, often quite large.


Crested Albino Society

Baby Albinos in nest