My Coturnix Quail

also known as Pharoah Quail and Japanese Quail


Group photo of several different colors


These birds have been in the US since the 1960's and first made popular by Albert Marsh, Marsh Farms, in California. They are easy to keep and extremely tame birds. This type of quail makes both an excellent pet quality or as an edible table quail.


This is "the" quail to have if you want great egg production, fast growth, and a large size bird. The eggs hatch in 17 days, the young grow very fast and can be fully mature and laying eggs at 8 weeks of age.



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Since their introduction in the 1960's many new color varieties of these quail have surfaced and their popularity has increased as pet birds.


I have a very nice selection of these quail. I offer hatching eggs and I would even consider shipping adult birds.


Below is a list of some of the color varieties that I have.

Brown (wild type) Pharoah

Manchurian Golden / Italian Speckled

Roux Dilute (a cinnamon color)

British Range (aka Tibetan and Rosetta)



Orange Manchurian Golden

Silver X Orange combination

Here are additional photos of some groups of these unsual colors


Pict #1

Pict #2

Pict #3


Will add more photos of additional colors in weeks ahead


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