Finch & Quail Eggs for Research


During the past several years I have received many inquiries from researchers in field biology seeking to obtain finch and quail eggs for use in nest predation studies. Beginning in spring 1999 I will be able to supply fresh infertile eggs, given proper time. I can usually accumulate eggs in lots of 50 to 100 per request. I can only fill about one request per month, and as my time and the availability of eggs permits. The cost is $25 FOR 50 FINCH EGGS, $21. FOR 50 QUAIL EGGS

FINCH EGG BUYERS must provide their own shipping containers appropriately lined with foam cushioning, complete with suitable holes to accommodate individual eggs. Please see the photos below of one such box and its construction. The box need not be large, preferably very small as the eggs are quite small and small boxes will reduce shipping cost tremendously.

Buyers/Researchers also must pay all shipping cost. I can only ship via US mail, either priority mail ($10 per box) or Express mail overnight delivery ($28 per box).

I cannot and will not attempt to ship by other carriers such as Fed Ex or UPS!!

I no longer accept orders with deferred billing through a University or Educational Institution, must be accompanied by a Purchase Order (PO). ALL ORDERS FOR EGGS MUST BE PRE PAID REGARDLESS OF HOW FAR IN ADVANCE YOU PLACE THEM. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The TOTAL cost includes:


I have shipped finch eggs many times with minimal breakage and negligible loss and the recipients have been very pleased. If you anticipate needing finch eggs for research I would encourage you to place your orders at least 3 months in advance and try to anticipate your needs early in the season. I confirm all orders via telephone or email prior to shipping!!

Typically I have lots of eggs for sale from early March through Mid July. The earlier the better, late request are difficult to fill as I do not encourage the birds to breed during July and most generally are not breeding in very warm summer months.

Direct all inquiries for eggs to:


Garrie Landry

2500 Chatsworth Road

Franklin, Louisiana 70538

Home Phone 337-828-5957 evenings only!


or via e-mail to:


Check out the design of this Box for mailing eggs.


Ideally box should be no larger than 12 X 12 X 12 Postal box #7 is perfect and often available at your local Post office for FREE!


Notice the holes in the layer of foam


Several layers of Foam covering eggs


This Box is ready to be Sealed