Finch & Quail Eggs for Research


During the past several years I have received many inquiries from researchers in field biology seeking finch and quail eggs for use in nest predation studies. I am be able to supply small numbers of infertile eggs, and larger numbers of small quail eggs if given sufficient time. I can usually accumulate eggs in lots of 50 to 100 per request. I can only fill about one request per month, and as my time and the availability of eggs permits.

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The cost is $25 FOR either 50 FINCH EGGS, or 50 QUAIL EGGS

There is no discount for larger orders. Its $50 for 100 eggs, etc.

All BUYERS must provide the egg foam shippers available on line. Contact me if you need a source for this item, I will guide you to it.

Buyers/Researchers also must pay all shipping cost. I can only ship via US mail, either priority mail ($10 per box)

I cannot and will not attempt to ship by other carriers such as Fed Ex or UPS!!

I no longer accept orders with deferred billing through a University or Educational Institution, Sorry NO Purchase Orders accepted.

If that is the only way you can purchase them, dont bother contacting me, go eslewhere. I meant it.

I can send you an invoice to get reimbursed but all orders must be paid for in advance of shipment. Credit Cards accepted with a 4% surcharge.




I have shipped finch eggs many times with minimal breakage and negligible loss and the recipients have been very pleased. If you anticipate needing finch eggs for research I would encourage you to place your orders at least 3 months in advance and try to anticipate your needs early in the season. I confirm all orders via telephone or email prior to shipping!!

Typically I have lots of eggs for sale from early March through Mid July. The earlier the better, late request are difficult to fill as I do not encourage the birds to breed during July and most generally are not breeding in very warm summer months.

Direct all inquiries or payments for eggs to:


Garrie Landry

93 Main Street

Franklin, Louisiana 70538

Home Phone 337-828-5957 evenings only!


or via e-mail to: